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Are you looking for a distinct way to make your special event stand out in Kingston, Ontario? Then take a look at the Kingston 360 Booth Rental Company! We provide the most up-to-date open concept photo booths, mirror me photo booths, and more for all of your Kingston party décor needs. 

Whether it’s a wedding or corporate event, our team can assist and bring your vision to life with innovative ideas and custom designs. Plus, we also provide balloon décor services so you can be sure that every detail is taken care of. With 360 Booth Rental Company on your side, you can be assured of a special experience for everybody involved!

Kingston 360 Booth Rental Company

Booth King is the leading 360 booth rental company in Kingston, Ontario. With experienced technicians and high-quality equipment, we provide 360 virtual tours of any event or venue to help capture memories and build lasting experiences.

360 Booth King’s comprehensive packages make it easy to turn every occasion into a 360-degree spectacle with a wide range of options tailored to individual needs. Whether you’re a small business or a large event organizer, 360 Booth King has something for everybody!

Our experienced team provides all-inclusive 360 photo booth equipment rentals for special occasions of all sizes at unbeatable rates. We specialize in 360 photography, 360 imaging and 360 video capture and have years of experience, ensuring that your event runs perfectly with our highly advanced 360 technology. 

Plus, we supply professional support and guidance throughout the entire process so you can ease up and have fun at your event! Don’t take chances when renting 360 booths– come to Booth King for a reliable experience.

We also have add-ons with the smoke machine and bubble machine if needed. We also have some props that comes with the event like the disco lights and the bubble guns for the 360 video booth in Kingston, Ontario.



Mirror Me Photo Booth Rental Company Kingston, Ontario

If you’re looking for a mirror photo booth rental in Kingston, Ontario, then we got you covered at Booth King! With the latest mirror technology at an affordable cost, their mirror booths are perfect for any special occasion. Not only do their mirror booths provide customized photo packages with captions and logos, but also recordings that can be easily shared online.

Additionally, their mirror booth attendants are always accessible to make sure that your guests have a great experience. With Booth King mirror me photo booth rental services, it is a guarantee that you will have a big moment that will be forever captured and remembered.

Booth King, a mirror me photo booth rental company based in Kingston, Ontario, offers customers amazing mirror me photo booth experiences for all monumental occasions.

Customers can enjoy real-time graphical overlays on the mirror, different poses and layouts to capture the best moments from their events. Their booths come with a professional attendant to help customers customize their photos according to their event needs. Booth King gives you the chance to capture memories from your special occasion that you will never forget.

Mirror Me Photo Booth Rental Company Kingston

Open Concept Photo Booth Rental Company Kingston, Ontario

We are the premier provider of high-quality services and enjoyable experiences. With state-of-the-art technology and customizable design options, they are able to make sure that each event they cater to is uniquely perfect.

Every open concept Kingston photo booth package comes with unlimited prints so all your guests can capture their wonderful, lasting memories. Whether a wedding celebration or a corporate function, Booth King has everything needed to make your special occasion one that will be unforgettable!

Open Concept Wedding Photo Booth Kingston

Are you searching for an open concept photo booth rental company in Kingston, Ontario? Then we got you covered with Booth King! We provide exceptional open concept photo booth rentals and photo booths suitable for any occasion.

Whether it’s a wedding, birthday party, anniversary celebration or corporate event, they have your open concept needs taken care of. From our well-informed customer service staff to their user-friendly online booking system and modern open concept photo booths, Booth King is the perfect choice for your open concept photo booth rental needs!



Ontario Balloon Décor Company Kingston, Ontario 

With lots of experience in event planning and Kingston balloon décor specifically for weddings, corporate events and special occasions, customers are approved quality balloon arrangements that will excel their expectations. We even use other party wedding décor like flower walls and marquee numbers. Whether you’re looking for fun and lively decorations from the experts or unique party supplies to fit your creative vision, Booth King’s balloon décor service will make your event one to remember!

They are dedicated to bringing your event visions to life with stunning designs featuring balloon arches, balloon centrepieces, balloon walls and backdrops, balloon sculptures and more.  Whether you are looking for a way to add a bit of enthusiasm to a party or celebrate an important milestone, we have the right balloon décor package for you. In fact, our team is so passionate about balloon decorations that they have been accepted across Ontario as one of the top Kingston balloon décor companies in the province. 

The full-arch and half-arch balloon decor in Kingston is also available.

Wedding Balloon Decor Company Kingston

Wedding Rental Company with the Types of Kingston Photo Booth Rentals

We offer a wide range of wedding rentals to make your wedding perfect. Whether you are looking for chairs, tables or other decorative items, we have all of your rental needs covered. 

We take great care when setting up your wedding venue so that everything runs smoothly and looks beautiful on the day of your event. They even provide seasoned wedding coordinators to help lead you through the entire process! In Kingston, you can make sure that your wedding will be a remarkable event that everyone will remember for years to come. It is also the ideal spot to provide wedding accessories and decorations for your special day. From wedding gowns to arches and centre-pieces, our wedding rental services have something for everyone. 

By using the Kingston 360 video booth also the Kingston mirror photo booth for example, one can take photos/videos with closest families and friends and post them on social media about the event. Also, if you want to be more inclusive, the open concept photo booth in Kingston. We have different colours of open concept photo booth rentals in Kingston like purple sequin and red sequin.

We take pleasure in offering high-quality wedding items at competitive prices, as well as providing a personal and friendly touch throughout the entire wedding rental process. With over 15 years of experience in wedding rentals and satisfied customers across Kingston, you can count on us for stress-free wedding preparations. Choose for your wedding needs and experience hassle-free convenience that will make your day unforgettable forever!