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Want to find an affordable photo booth rental company in Ancaster? We got you covered with Booth King! We are a wedding, birthday, and corporate photo booth company in Ancaster that offers a wide array of photo booth rental options to suit your event needs. But before we dive into the different rental options, we should speak about why it is beneficial to rent a photo booth for various events.




Benefits of Renting an Affordable Ancaster Photo Booth Company for a Wedding

Renting a photo booth for a wedding can add an extra element of fun and excitement for guests. Our wedding photo booth rental in Ancaster offers customizable options, allowing you to personalize the experience to match your wedding theme. Plus, our photo booths can supply immediate prints for guests to take home as an unforgettable keepsake.

We know that weddings are a special occasion not just for the groom and bride, but also for the families and friends that attend the wedding. That is why we want to make sure that your Ancaster wedding decor ideas not only come to fruition but succeed in expectations so that you can have an Ancaster wedding of a lifetime. This can be the same for an Ancaster birthday party decor or an Ancaster corporate party decor.

Open Concept Wedding Photo Booth Ancaster

Benefits of Renting an Ancaster Photo Booth for a Corporate Event:

A corporate event is a great opportunity to showcase your company’s brand and values. Renting a corporate photo booth in Ancaster can help strengthen your company’s message in a unique and interactive way. Booth King’s photo booths come equipped with customizable backdrops and branding options, permitting you to showcase your company’s logo or message. Plus, photo booths are a brilliant way to break the ice and get employees or clients to mingle and network in an enjoyable and relaxed setting.

Benefits of Renting an Ancaster Photo Booth for a Birthday Party:


No matter what age, everybody wants to take photos at birthday parties. With Booth King’s affordable Ancaster photo booth rental, you can add some extra fun and excitement to your party. Our photo booths come equipped with fun props, permitting guests to let loose and take some fun and memorable photos. Plus, our photo booths come equipped with instant print options, so guests can take home a printed photo as a keepsake.

The Ancaster photo booth rental, no matter what option you choose, will be photos/videos that you can hold dear not just for years, but decades.

Now let’s talk about the different photo booth rental options offered by Booth King:

Ancaster Open Concept Photo Booth:

Our open concept photo booth rental in Ancaster is a well-liked option for weddings and corporate events. It provides a fun and interactive experience for guests, giving them the ability to take photos with friends and family in a spacious setting. Plus, the open concept allows for larger group photos, making it perfect for team-building events or large weddings.

If you want a more inclusive Ancaster photo booth, the Ancaster Open Concept photo booth rental is the best option. It allows many of your friends and family to be part of the photo and celebrate your success.

Why Choose Our Ancaster Open Concept Photo Booth?

Our open concept photo booth rental in Ancaster is the perfect addition to any event in Ancaster, offering a range of exciting features to keep your guests entertained in Ancaster. Our Ancaster photo booth rental includes unlimited 4×6 prints during the event, allowing guests to take home a keepsake photo from your special day in Ancaster. 

Plus, our Ancaster photo booth comes equipped with the ability to share photos on social media and via email, so guests can easily share their fun memories from the event in Ancaster. With an on-site attendant in Ancaster, live view and touch screen capabilities in Ancaster, and a variety of fun props provided in Ancaster, guests are sure to have a blast in Ancaster. And to top it off, you can choose from a range of photo booth backdrops to match your event theme in Ancaster.


Ancaster Mirror Photo Booth

If you’re looking for a distinct and eye-catching photo booth, then our mirror photo booth rental in Ancaster is the perfect option. The mirror booth provides a fully interactive experience, allowing guests to take photos with a touch-screen mirror. Plus, it comes equipped with fun animations and voice guidance, making it a hit with guests of all ages.

There are unlimited 4X6 strips of print as well as digital copies of all photos. For weddings, birthdays, and corporate events this is the photo shoot to take with your closest groom or bride, and closest family members, friends, and/or colleagues. 

Ancaster Mirror Me Photo Booth Company

Ancaster 360 Video Booth:

Our 360 video booth rental in Ancaster is a great option for those looking to create a fully immersive experience. It allows guests to take 360-degree photos and videos, providing a unique and interactive experience. Plus, the 360 video booth comes equipped with a wide array of customizable options, allowing you to personalize the experience to match your event theme.

Now, if you’re planning a party in Ancaster, why not consider taking advantage of what this beautiful city has to offer? Ancaster is known for its rich history and beautiful scenery. Located just a short drive from Hamilton, Ancaster is home to a range of beautiful parks, nature trails, and historic landmarks, providing the perfect backdrop for your event. And with Booth King having the Ancaster balloon décor, marquee letters rentals, and flower wall backdrop rentals in Ancaster, you can take your event to another level and take it even further.

In conclusion, Booth King is your go-to photo booth company in Ancaster, offering a wide array of affordable photo booth rental options for weddings, corporate events, and birthday parties. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help make your event extra special.

Why Choose Photo Booth Rental in Ancaster over Toronto?

While Toronto looks like an obvious choice for a photo booth rental, Ancaster has its own distinct advantages as a location. For one, Ancaster offers a more relaxed and intimate atmosphere than the lively metropolis of Toronto. This makes it an ideal location for events such as weddings, birthday parties, and corporate gatherings where you want to create a more personal and unforgettable experience for your guests.

Another advantage of having your photo booth rental in Ancaster is the stunning natural beauty of the area. The town is situated near the Niagara Escarpment, offering picturesque landscapes and stunning vistas that are perfect for photo opportunities. Whether you choose to take your photos in one of the many parks or scenic areas in Ancaster, or even in your own backyard, the natural beauty of the area is sure to enhance the overall experience.

In addition, Ancaster offers a wide range of amenities and attractions that are ideal for events of all kinds. From top-notch restaurants and bars to distinct shops and attractions, there is something for everyone in Ancaster. Plus, our Ancaster photo booth rental service offers a wide range of options to choose from, so you can tailor your photo booth rental to match the theme and style of your event.

Overall, while Toronto may have its own advantages as a location, Ancaster offers a distinct and unforgettable experience that is ideal for a photo booth rental. Whether you’re planning a wedding, corporate event, or birthday party, our Ancaster photo booth rental service is sure to produce memories that last forever for you and your guests. 

360 Video Booth Ancaster

Ancaster Photo Booth Rentals with Booth King


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