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Wedding Photo Booth in Kingston

Wedding Photo Booth in Kingston

Are you looking for an exciting and unique way to make your Kingston wedding stand out from the rest? The Open Concept Wedding Photo Booth Rental in Kingston is a fantastic way for everyone in the wedding to enjoy! 

Our photo booth is the perfect addition to any event, it allows guests to capture special memories with their friends and family. It also offers affordable Mirror Me Photo Booth Rental in Kingston and decorative Balloon Décor services as well.

And of course, no wedding is complete without delicious food and drinks – so why not try out some tasty Kingston Food/Drinks options? With all these great options available, it’s easy to see why a wedding photo booth rental in Kingston could be your big day! 

The Wedding Kingston Photo Booth Rental

The Kingston Wedding Photo Booth Rental from, offers couples creative ways to make their special day even more memorable. From animated GIFs and videos to booth props, we have all the ingredients needed for a photo experience that you will never forget.

It offers couples a creative way to make their special day even more memorable. From animated GIFs and videos to booth props, we have all the ingredients needed for a notable photo experience. 

Wedding Photo Booth Rental Kingston with Kingston Green Grass Flower Wall

Our well-known professionals make sure your guests enjoy every moment of the photoshoot with absolute ease and maximum fun. We provide convenient and affordable packages so you can capture all the magic of your big day for posterity. Make sure nothing is left out with the Wedding Photo Booth in Kingston today!

Open Concept Wedding Rent Photo Booth Rental in Kingston

Open Concept Wedding photo booth rental in Kingston is the best way to capture all of your special moments during the big day! From interactive props, backdrops and even video messaging capability, your Open Concept photo booth provides a truly special experience.

Not only that, but with Open Concept being one of the leading companies in Kingston when it comes to wedding photo booth rentals, you can trust that we have everything you need to make sure that your photos turn out beautiful. From the highest quality cameras and technology, to friendly staff who will always be looking out for you with whatever you need. Open Concept is here to ensure that your wedding photos are ones you will always remember.

Wedding Photo Booth Rental Kingston Inside

Are you planning a wedding in Kingston? Open Concept Wedding Photo Booth Rental is here to provide the perfect addition to your special day. We offer high-quality, open concept photo booth rentals tailored to fit your needs and budget—our packages are completely customizable so you can create unforgettable memories with your guests. 

Our booths take classic wedding photo booths and give them a modern, exciting twist! They come equipped with studio-quality lighting, professional quality camera equipment and a wide array of custom green screen backgrounds that’ll guarantee fantastic photos every time. Open Concept Wedding Photo Booth Rentals makes sure your guests have an unforgettable experience, recalling or showing respect to your big day!

Affordable Mirror Me Photo Booth Rental Kingston

Mirror Me Photo Booth Rental Kingston is a fantastic way to add a touch of fun to any event! Our photo booths are the perfect ice-breaker, creating an entertaining experience that your guests will never forget. At Mirror Me, we make it happen easily and also one that is affordable for you to have a mirror photo booth rental by customizing packages to fit any budget. 

Mirror Me Photo Booth Rental Kingston

Mirror Me Photo Booth Rental Kingston offers professional, on-site set up and our creative interactive Mirror Photo Booths come with unlimited prints. With Mirror Me Kingston, making memories has never been easier!

Kingston Ontario residents looking for affordable mirror me photo booth rentals should look no further! Our company services top of the line products and services at highly affordable prices. 

With our mirror me booths, you’ll be sure to have a memorable time with your guests capturing fun moments for years to come. We are proud to offer convenient set up and drop off services so you don’t have to worry about a thing. Take advantage of our reasonably priced mirror me photo booth rentals today and experience a memorable event in Kingston!

Fun Kingston Marquee Letters and Marquee Numbers

Without marquee letters and marquee numbers, Kingston, Ontario would not have their own vibrant personality. These marquee decorations bring a unique, vintage vibe to businesses all across the city. Whether organizing up a business’s exterior to attract new customers or for personal use in homes, marquee letters and marquee numbers will light up your space. Whether it’s metal or plastic, illuminated or non-illuminated, we’ll make sure you get the marquee representation that you need. Let’s add some flair to Kingston and give your space the marquee treatment it merits!

Wedding Marquee Letters Kingston

The marquee letters and numbered signs of Kingston Ontario bring a timeless style to homes, offices, or stores. With marquee letters and numbers from Kingston you can express yourself with a distinct and modern style. Whether you’re looking for individual marquee letters, marquee numbers, or a complete marquee word, Kingston has the perfect marquee display to complement your space. You can even do different themes of a wedding like a French or an English theme for example as seen above.

Our marquee lettering is carefully handcrafted with the finest materials to make sure that they look great in any interior setting—whether it’s an outdoor sign or indoor project, our marquee letters and numbers guarantee to create the right atmosphere and make any atmosphere come alive!

For those decorators and event coordinators that are looking for marquee letters or marquee numbers to take advantage of their audience’s attention in the Kingston Ontario area, look no further! Our marquee letters and marquee numbers come in a variety of font styles, shapes, sizes, and colours so you can find the best combination for your event. With our marquee letters and marquee numbers, we make sure that your message will be loud and clear to everyone in attendance.

Decorative Balloon Décor Kingston

The Decorative Balloon Décor in Kingston, Ontario is the premier balloon decorating business in the area. Our balloon designs and arrangements are perfect for any special event from an intimate birthday celebration to a large corporate gathering. With our broad range of styles, colours, shapes, and sizes of balloons, we can provide customized balloon decorations for any special event. 

Multi-Coloured Balloon Décor Kingston with Pink Roses Flower Wall Kingston

Our experienced balloon artists will work with you to create a look that best suits your event. We guarantee that the balloon décor you choose will create a fun and festive atmosphere for all your guests. Make your next event memorable with Decorative Balloon Décor Kingston!

Decorative Balloon Décor Kingston can help enhance your special event. Our balloon decor services are a great addition for any celebration, from weddings to anniversaries and everything in between. We provide balloon bouquets, balloon arches, balloon columns and balloon backdrops to create a unique atmosphere and give your event a personalized touch! Let us help you transform the atmosphere of your event with our professional balloon décor in Kingston Ontario today.

Tasty Food/Drinks with Kingston Flower Walls

Kingston, Ontario is known for its delightful food and drinks. From menu staples such as Prince Edward County Apple Pie to more diverse international fare like Ethiopian cuisine, there’s something for every palate in Kingston. Eating these types of food in front of a Kingston flower wall and using a Kingston photo booth rental is perfect.

Beverages are also plentiful; with a craft beer and wine scene on the rise, food-themed festivals taking place throughout the city year-round, and an array of coffee shops along with local distilleries offering up inventive concoctions, Kingston definitely knows how to provide both sustenance and stimulation. 

Whether this is a casual meal before attending one of the several performances at Grand Theatre or trying out the food truck scene at Springer Market Square – or any other food or drink that Kingston has to offer – there’s no shortage of food discoveries awaiting explorers of this terrific city. To make it memorable, is to take photos, using the Kingston photo booth rental, with a Kingston Flower Wall.

It is also a food lover’s destination, where food and drinks are top-quality and always delicious. From the local coffee shops serving up a Canada-favourite triple triple or café mocha to the food truck vendors serving fast but flavourful food with a Caribbean flare, there is something tasty around every corner. The city also boasts several vegan and vegetarian restaurants sure as a way to make anyone happy, as well as classic home-style diners that have been cooking up comfort food in Kingston for decades. No matter what your palette preferences may be, you’re sure to find fantastic food and drinks as you explore throughout Kingston Ontario.