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Photo Booth Company Peterborough

Photo Booth Company Peterborough

Are you planning an event in Peterborough? If so, look no further than the Photo Booth Company Peterborough with Booth King. This photo booth company offers a wide range of services to make your event truly exceptional. From Mirror Me Booths to Marquee Letters and Numbers, they have everything you need for your event. Not only that but there is also Full-Arch Balloon Décor and Half-Arch Balloon Décor, which really is a great combination! With their help, your guests will be talking about this event for years to come! So if you’re looking to make an experience of a lifetime in Peterborough, contact Booth King today!

Are you planning to do an event in Peterborough? If so, look no further than with Booth King. We offer a wide range of services to make your event truly exceptional. From Mirror Me Photo Booths to Marquee Letters and Numbers, we have everything that you need for your event.

Affordable Photo Booth Company Peterborough

Not only that but also available are the Full-Arch Balloon Décor and Half-Arch Balloon Décor that adds some pizzazz with the event! With our help, your guests will be talking about your event for decades to come! So if you’re looking to create a memorable experience in Peterborough, contact today!

Booth King Features Open Concept Photo Booth Rental Peterborough

Learn about the Open Concept Photo Booth Feature in Peterborough with is a great way to capture special occasions and memorable moments shared with friends and family. Whether it’s a wedding or anniversary party, or just a special gathering, Open Concept Photo Booth lets you preserve the event with fantastic photos. High quality images are done in an open booth setting that is designed for comfortable group photos. 

Rent for Photo Booth Peterborough - Great Photos Taken

Open Concept Photo Booth pays close attention to the background by providing colourful backgrounds that feature iconic landmarks around Peterborough. Even if you can’t be there in person, Open Concept Photo Booth allows you to catch all the fun and excitement of your event with every smile included!

Whether it’s taking photos of the warmth of the happy faces of regulars or freezing frame moments between long-distance friends, Open Concept Photo Booth serves as an amazing medium for Peterborough citizens to capture the best and most special memories. The Open Concept Photo Booth service gives Peterborough residents and visitors the chance to create ever-lasting visual memories with family, friends and family members in an interactive setting.

Mirror Me Photo Booth Company Features Booth King Features in Peterborough

The Mirror Me Photo Booth Company with in Peterborough offers some fantastic features that make their services stand out. By utilizing modern mirror technology, they create fun and memorable experiences.

Events become more interactive with the addition of captions, animations and sound effects, along with social media sharing options. Improving the events even further are their low-cost opportunities to upgrade backdrops and digital props to fit any theme. And if that wasn’t enough, they offer custom branding with company logos and colours – these are perfect for those looking to make a statement at their event or conference. With the right mirror photo booth partner, there are endless possibilities!

Booth King offers great services to customers in Peterborough. Create beautiful, treasured memories and make sure you don’t forget any momentous occasion with mirror me’s high-quality mirror booths and excellent range of props. 

Mirror Me Rent for Photo Booth Peterborough

Whether you need a mirror me photo booth for a wedding, an engagement or any event, mirror me has the technology and expertise to provide everyone with a fun and customisable mirror booth experience that will leave you feeling ecstatic. Plus, mirror me provides more than just a mirror booth — there are packages available which include GIFs and Social Media Snaps! Forget about having to rely on traditional photography for moments that will last forever; trust mirror me photo booths instead for a contemporary way of capturing memories.

Different Types of Marquee Letters and Marquee Numbers Peterborough

Peterborough is home to some of the most distinctive marquee letters and marquee numbers around. The offerings in this city vary from the classic marquee lettering with the boxy, hollow look to a more complex marquee pieces with a vintage twist. 

Multi-Coloured Balloon Decor with Bright Marquee Letter Peterborough

Each marquee letters and marquee numbers style gives off a unique character and message that can be used to personalize weddings, anniversaries, corporate events, or even just to spruce up a living room. With marquee styles ranging from simple white lettering painted on wooden frames to bright colours implanted into metal decorations, marquee letters and numbers from Peterborough are ready to be integrated into any setting.

Love marquee letters and numbers are all the rage in Peterborough with their ability to be customized according to their individual desires. Love Marquee Letters and Numbers are becoming increasingly popular for parties, weddings, promotional events, business signs, and home decor. 

Peterborough offers a wide range of Love Marquee Letters and Numbers that can come with multiple colours or even feature your own choice of font or font size. The spectacular Love Marquee Letters and Numbers always make a charming statement at any venue or reception area.

Full-Arch Balloon Décor and Half-Arch Balloon Décor in Peterborough

The Peterborough businesses are increasingly finding a way to offer Full-Arch and Half-Arch Balloon Décor as an attractive way to improve the quality of events. Full-Arches provide a vibrant backdrop, while Half-Arches offer a more subtle way of creating dimension and visual interest. 

Not only are Full-Arch and Half-Arch Balloon Decors visually appealing, but they are also relatively affordable with short setup times making them a great addition to any event in Peterborough.

Colourful Half-Arch Balloon Decor Peterborough

If you’re in the process of making plans in an event in Peterborough, Ontario and looking for some creative decoration ideas, the Full-Arch Balloon Décor and Half-Arch Balloon Décor are the way to go. Full-Arch and Half Arch Balloon Décor have become very popular for special events due to their eye-catching shapes and vibrant colour capabilities. 

Full arches are perfect for entrances or stages, while the half arches can be used both indoors and outdoors as a focal point of your room or space. The Full-Arch and Half-Arch Balloon Décor services in Peterborough are available along with the rent for photo booths in Peterborough, so make sure to check them out when planning your event!

Boxing Day Peterborough Marquee Letters Celebration

Boxing Day Peterborough Marquee Letters Celebration

Are you looking for a memorable way to celebrate Boxing Day in Peterborough on December 26? Then look for’s amazing marquee letters rentals in Peterborough! These special decorations will add an extra level of fun to your event, allowing you to customize the look of your party with words or phrases that are meaningful to you. 

Whether you want to display initials, a special or heart-felt message, or just something silly – you can use these Peterborough marquee letters rentals as part of a Peterborough flower wall for rent decoration, balloon décor, table décor, or whatever strikes your fancy! Best of all, they are easy to set up and take down. Start event planning now for an unforgettable Boxing Day celebration with our fantastic marquee letter decorations!

Boxing Day comes the day just after Christmas, so find some time to enjoy yourself and have some fun on the holidays!

Boxing Day Peterborough Marquee Letters

Peterborough Boxing Day is an iconic annual event for locals and tourists alike. Adding to the festivities this year will be marquee letters set up in Cathedral Square. 

Bright Marquee Letters with White Balloon Decor Peterborough

These giant and colourful letters, shaped from individual light bulbs, create the perfect backdrop for the day’s activities. They add a touch of magic to the festivities and make for great photo opportunities for special memories by using the Peterborough photo booth rental service from Booth King.

A 12-foot marquee design featuring festive words will add to the city’s spirit of celebration such as ‘Peace on Earth’ and ‘Rise Again’. So make sure you come down and take in all that Peterborough Boxing Day has to offer with Peterborough marquee letters for rent!

The city of Peterborough, each year, hosts a marquee event on Boxing Day, where people from all over come to show their support and enjoy a day of festivities. A heartwarming highlight of this annual occasion is the Peterborough marquee letters company that lines the streets, offering a splash of colour and delight for all visitors.

We encourage everyone to join in and create an inspiring display of lights and words that honors this special event. These Peterborough marquee letters for rent are a reminder of why we look forward to Boxing Day year after year!

Additionally, with over 5,000 marquee letters illuminating the streets of Peterborough, it is clear that locals are proud and delighted to have experienced such a vibrant event. Furthermore, this exciting event provides local businesses with an excellent platform to showcase their products and services while delighting thousands of local citizens.

Peterborough Marquee Numbers

Every Boxing Day, the city of Peterborough celebrates with lively festivities and entertainment. A marquee highlight is the impressive numbers that people come out to observe. This year’s marquee numbers are even more mind-blowing than in previous years, showcasing a big rise in holiday spirit and community enthusiasm. 

Bright Marquee Numbers Peterborough

Local businesses have done a great job of providing plenty of entertainment, tempting traditional market stalls and family performances – all keeping visitors engaged and delighted throughout their time at the marquee. Come down and bring your friends to experience this wonderwinter activity together as Peterborough’s marquee numbers will always impress.

The marquee numbers have been a loved tradition for generations, brought to life by hundreds of volunteers who put up and take down the large numbers that grace every corner of the city. This well-known event draws thousands of spectators each year as they enjoy this special festive celebration.

With each marquee providing a unique visual display, Peterborough’s marquee numbers bring a sense of magic and joy to the community on Boxing Day, creating memorable memories and experiences for all who visit.

Boxing Day Peterborough Marquee Letters Table

The beloved Boxing Day Peterborough marquee letters table, held annually in Peterborough, is a truly unique experience for locals and visitors alike. For over 40 years, local enthusiasts have gathered at the marquee letters table to scour through its vast selection of vintage marquee letters in Peterborough from all over the country. 

Attendees enjoy the challenge of piecing together complete marquee phrases that reflect the character and history of their hometown. Whether you’re in search of a few additional letters to add to your marquee collection or looking for something entirely new, this marquee letters table in Peterborough is sure to provide enthusiastic shoppers with what they want!

The Peterborough Boxing Day marquee letters table holds a special significance for Peterborough residents. This marquee is located in the city center and has been set up annually since 1902. Made from 25 pieces of pure oak wood, the marquee is decorated with Peterborough marquee letters for rent that spell out festive verses, such as a first birthday like “ONE” and “Happy New Year”.

For people to see these Peterborough marquee letters rentals fill the street with joy and happiness each year has become an integral part of the Boxing Day festivities in Peterborough. It’s a reminder of how one small tradition can bring a community together, even after more than 100 years.

Whether you’re looking for words of encouragement, resolution, setting motivation, or simply a festive keepsake with your name attached to it, the marquee letters table has something special for everyone. Don’t miss out on this wonderful event by visiting Peterborough’s marquee letters table this Boxing Day!

Boxing Day Peterborough Marquee Letters, Flower Walls, Balloon Décor

Peterborough Boxing Day is proud to showcase Peterborough flower walls for rent and Peterborough balloon décor service at the marquee letters experience. This amazing sight will create memorable photos, making your Boxing Day event truly special!

Our Peterborough flower wall rentals are available in multiple colours so that you can choose the look that works for your event. The flower walls have lifelike colours and textures, instantly bringing charm to your celebration! The high-quality balloons also come in an array of colours and sizes to add vibrancy to any space.

With our flower walls and balloon décor, rest assured that your Boxing Day festivities will be as lovely as can be!

Bright Marquee Numbers with Pink Roses Flower Wall Peterborough

The Peterborough Boxing Day Marquee will be a sight to behold this year. With Peterborough flower wall rentals and balloon décor service in Peterborough galore, it’s the perfect place for an unforgettable celebration. Whether you’re looking for an intimate gathering or want to really pull out all the stops for a more lavish affair, our flower walls and balloon décor are sure to impress.

Add in customized marquee letters Peterborough – available in a wide variety of fonts, sizes, and colours – and guests are sure to experience a truly memorable day. Our flower walls and balloon decorations make any special occasion one that won’t soon be forgotten! The balloon décor can come in white, gold, black, and many more colours, while with flower walls, there are pink and white roses as well as green grass flower walls.

White Roses Flower Wall with Bright Marquee Letters Peterborough

There is so much to appreciate and enjoy on Boxing Day. It is a time to relax and have fun without worrying about much else. It is a break that is very well deserved as you have almost got past the year.