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The Stanley Cup Playoffs Party – Toronto Party Rentals

The Stanley Cup Playoffs Party – Toronto Party Rentals

The NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs are coming up in April. Support your favourite team and celebrate with Toronto Party Rentals for epic party décor. Join the excitement in Toronto as the games draw millions of viewers. Plan an unforgettable event that will attract a large crowd!

Fortunately, for those living in Toronto, the Maple Leafs have a very high chance of making the playoffs this year. So, a blue and white-themed party décor in Toronto would be recommended. There might also be Toronto ice hockey fans, who support other NHL teams in the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

The colours of red and white can also work as those are the colours of Toronto’s pro women’s ice hockey team, the Toronto Six. Of course, there are also several other professional sports teams in Toronto, and if you want to wear their colours, that is fine as well.

Flower Walls and Balloon Décor Service for Party

Flower Walls and Balloon Décor Service for Party

Both the Toronto flower walls and the Toronto balloon décor service can be aligned with the colours of the Stanley Cup playoffs party décor. There are also other colours that can be used though for the Stanley Cup playoffs party décor.  It is a time for a party to enjoy and have a party décor celebration in Toronto. These playoffs come only once a year, so you should enjoy them while the playoffs are still live on TV. 

Balloon + Marquee Letter Table - Toronto Party Rentals

Furthermore, you can have balloon décor to use for the timeline of the Toronto Maple Leafs for their colours. For example, from 1919-1927, it was known as the Toronto St. Patrick’s, so you would have green and white balloon décor. You would also have blue and white balloon décor with the Toronto Maple Leafs (1927-present) and the original name of the franchise, the Toronto Arenas (1917-19).

There are also two unique types of balloon décor that people can pick from. This is the full-arch and the half-arch balloon décor. It is a personal choice which balloon décor you would want to choose. They both work perfectly for this event and look amazing for the Stanley Cup playoffs party décor celebrations in Toronto.

Red Flower Wall - Toronto Party Rentals

With Toronto flower walls, there are several different types that work really well. White is a colour that might stand out as that is one of the Leafs’ primary colours. Other colours that can work are really any colour like red and green. Green was one of the primary colours of the Toronto Maple Leafs when it was known as the Toronto St. Patrick’s from 1919-1927.

Toronto Photo Booth Rentals

Photo booth rentals in Toronto work well for this event. You are enjoying yourself in the NHL Stanley Cup playoffs and want to remember this event for years and decades to come. The way to do that is by using the booth King’s Toronto photo booth rental.

This photo booth rental in Toronto can accommodate several people into one photo and is perfect for event decor surrounding the Stanley Cup Playoffs in Toronto. There are many types of Toronto photo booth rentals. This includes the navy blue, gold, purple, rose diamond, silver, and gold photo booths. These photo booths come with unlimited four-six prints during the event that can be shared on social media. 

Other important things about the Toronto photo booth for rent include being able to email share, live view + touch screen, and the photo booth backdrop of your choice in Toronto. In addition, you will receive features like a DSLR camera and a state-of-the-art printer for your photos in the city.

Food/Drinks Around – Toronto Party Rentals

With the Stanley Cup playoffs party décor celebrations in Toronto, food and drinks are a must. Some popcorn would work well when watching the game live. Poutine or fries would also work well as it is quick to eat and not too messy when watching the game. These food can be placed on top of, if not right beside the bright Toronto marquee letters and marquee numbers needed. You can also use the Toronto photo booth rental and/or eat/drink in front of a Toronto flower wall.

For a full meal, a burger and/or a hot dog should also be available. This includes having a vegan burger and/or a vegan hot dog for vegetarians as well as the classic beef, chicken, and pork burgers and hot dogs that are available. This way, we ensure that the Toronto party rentals include everyone and leave no one out.

For drinks, there should be a mixture of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks that should be available. This includes iconic Canadian alcoholic drinks like Molson and Labatt along with non-alcoholic drinks like 7-up, Coca-Cola, and Sprite. 

Lastly, for dessert, ice cream is a classic. Whether in a cone or in a cup, people everywhere would enjoy an ice cream. We should make the classical flavours, chocolate and vanilla, available. Desserts that are well-known in Canada are beaver tails and Nanaimo bars.

Those desserts are classics in Canada and would be very popular in the Toronto party rentals celebrations in Canada. Most of these desserts can sit on top of marquee letters in Toronto, but it is best to put the ice cream and beverages on the left or right side of the Toronto block marquee letters to avoid spilling.

The Fun Sports Toronto Party Rental

The Fun Sports Toronto Party Rental

The fun sports Toronto party rental is meant for having a great time and enjoying yourselves with your sports gear in Toronto. Also, have fun event planning in Toronto for this special event.

Toronto is the sports hub in Canada with several pro sports teams, starting with oldest teams, namely the Toronto Argonauts and the Maple Leafs to other notable teams like the Toronto Blue Jays, Raptors, TFC, Arrows, and the Six. It is a perfect place to have a sports party rental.

The colours for the most part should be red, blue, and white as those are the colours of the Toronto flag and of most Toronto sports teams. Other colours are welcomed, but the main ones that fits perfectly in Toronto, are the red and blue.

Quizzes can also be used to brighten up the mood at the sports Toronto party rental.

A Fun Balloon Décor in Toronto – Fun Sports Toronto Party rental

Blue and White Balloon Decor Toronto Inside

The balloon décor service in Toronto can be a way to set the theme of the event. With the Toronto sports colours being either red, blue, or white, having these three different colours of balloon décor can also make the event more exciting and colourful. This should not stop you from using other colours that you see fit in the event. One can also have either a full-arch and/or a half-arch balloon décor in Toronto.

Gold and Blue Balloon Decor Toronto Outside with Nature

The balloon décor can also be used as a way to help signify which team it represents. For example, one part can have the colours blue and white for the Toronto Argonauts and the Toronto Maple Leafs. And then do a chronological timeline of when the present Toronto professional sports teams were born by using the balloon décor in Toronto.

Birthday Marquee Numbers Toronto and Balloon Decor Toronto

This way, people can have fun looking at which team is the oldest and which team is the youngest by using the balloon décor. For example, the Toronto Argonauts, born in 1873, would appear first, followed by the Toronto Maple Leafs, born in 1917, represented by the blue and white balloon décor.

Beautiful Flower Walls and Affordable Photo Booth Rental Toronto

Red Roses Flower Wall Toronto Inside with Props

The flower walls in Toronto, like the balloon décor, add a theme to the Toronto sports party rental. The focus should be to use the colours of red and/or white flower walls for the Toronto sports party rental.

White Roses Flower Wall Toronto Inside

These colours are perfect and can contrast well with the blue balloon décor in Toronto. Also, with the balloon décor and the flower walls, one can have themed party rental events of the several different pro sports teams that represent Toronto.  

You can even use flower walls to take photos by utilizing the open-concept photo booth rental service in Toronto. By using the photo booth rentals, you can make sure to remember this unique and fun event forever.  

Red and White Balloon Decor with Photo Booth Rental Toronto Inside

Make sure to bring your favourite Toronto sports clothing with you and have fun. These are memories you will want to remember forever. This is not just true for the hardcore sports fans, but casual sports fans, and people who just want to have a good time. Other party rental is great, but the one way to truly remember them is via photo booth rentals by using Booth King.

The open-concept photo booth rental in Toronto is one you can use if you have a lot of friends and/or family members and want to have them all in one photo. These include unlimited four-six prints during the event as you can also share this on social media.

Digital copies of these photos are also available and there is a photo booth backdrop of your choice as well.

The Sports Toronto Party Rental Food/Drinks

There are some food/drinks to come up with. This includes poutine, hot dogs, and burgers. Hot dogs make sense as it is one of the most popular items when fans go and watch a Toronto Blue Jays game. Kebabs, which are popular in parts of Asia, can also be another great addition to the event.

Drinks like Coca-Cola, Pepsi, and Orange Soda would also work for this event. We can also offer healthier drink options like water and green tea if people are feeling health conscious.  Either way, have fun with it and use the Toronto party décor, like the Toronto balloon décor, marquee letters, flower walls, and photo booth rentals with your food and drinks.

Just enjoy yourself at the event and have some fun!